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Knowles Farm Scents

Blueberry Cobbler Wax Melt Brittle

Blueberry Cobbler Wax Melt Brittle

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Our Blueberry Cobbler Wax Melt, is a delightful home fragrance experience that invites warmth and comfort into your space. Each 5oz wax melt is infused with the luscious scent of fresh blueberries, blended perfectly with hints of creamy vanilla and rich butter, topped off with a dash of cinnamon. This combination creates a cozy, inviting atmosphere that’s reminiscent of a freshly baked blueberry cobbler cooling on the windowsill.

Perfect for any room, our wax melts are made with high-quality ingredients designed to fill your space with long-lasting, authentic fragrances. Simply place a piece in your wax warmer and let the comforting blend of blueberry, vanilla, butter, and cinnamon envelop your senses, transforming your home into a sweet and welcoming haven. Enjoy the essence of homemade dessert anytime, without turning on the oven!

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