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Knowles Farm Scents

Anti-Hero Wax Melt Brittle

Anti-Hero Wax Melt Brittle

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Introducing our captivating wax melt, Anti-Hero, designed to elevate your space with an irresistible blend of aromas. Dive into a symphony of scent notes, where the sweet essence of ripe strawberries intertwines with the succulent freshness of apricot, creating a luscious fruit-forward bouquet that tantalizes the senses. As the fragrance unfolds, velvety waves of vanilla emerge, adding a creamy richness that soothes and envelops. Yet, it's the subtle hint of bourbon that adds a daring twist, infusing the composition with depth and complexity, reminiscent of an enigmatic anti-hero. 

Our wax melt brittle is designed for easy use, snap off a piece and place it in your wax warmer to fill your home with a warm and inviting fragrance. The unique blend of scent notes ensures a complex and layered aroma that lingers, creating a soothing environment. Ideal for use in any wax melt warmer, this product promises a quick melt and a long-lasting scent, making it the perfect addition to your home fragrance collection.

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