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Welcome to the Wax Roadshow Pre-Order Extravaganza! 🎉 We're thrilled to launch this event. Dive into our aromatic universe with 22 captivating scent blends, including 10 exclusive new creations! 🌟 This pre-order window is open today from 4-10 PM CST. We're keeping a close watch to maintain swift turnaround times. Should order volumes reach the threshold we will have to close the site. 

Our current turnaround time is 6-8 weeks, with shipping anticipated to start the week of June 5th. Historically, we've managed to turn around orders in about 5 weeks. 📦 We encourage you to take your time shopping. Should you need to place a second order, feel free to use the "Combine" code for free shipping. 🚚

Explore our delightful scent blends available in both Brittles and Loaves below! 🕯️✨

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